Which one of these Japanese characters are you like?

Which one of these Japanese characters are you like?

List of Japanese characters Saku, Tiku, Akane, Aki and Ginzou Which Character matches you? P.s (You don't have to be the character but you're personality can fit these five characters!) If you're going to complain then don't comment or rate...

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Male or Female?

A beautiful girly girl.
A courageous boy that hopes to become a
A depressed boy but also faithful.
A girl, Tomboyish not like that girly Akane!
A shy but kind girl.

What is your lifetime dream?

Maybe a model! Or a fashion designer!
A Warrior
I don't have a dream...I'm just lonely. But if I had one dream it will be a better life.
Martial Artist...Professional fighter.
Um...to be a nurse?

What is the positive thing about you?

I'm Beautiful! Duh!
I'm brave.
I guess i'm a bit faithful.
My spirit is Invincible.
Um...I don't want to brag...but i think i'm kind....s-sorry...


Negative? Nothing here negative about me! I swear!
*Sighs* I give up too much...
Impatient...Just hate waiting
Weak and helpless.

Will you fight for your friends?

Do it look like I will fight for my friends? I'll rather sit back and let the master deal with this!
If I'm going to become warrior, I need to fight for my people.
Maybe. Just maybe.
Definitely yes!
*Covers face* No! Not me! I'm so...helpless. N-nobody going to pick me to fight...

Who do you idol?

Myself and only myself!
My great, fearless father!
I idol the great lord from heavens above.
A Idol? I don't know what's that going to mean!
*Blushes* I kinda Idol Aki's monkey Ken. Don't laugh...I swear! i idol him because he's cute...no other reason....really!

What words describes you?

Beautiful! lovely!
Brave and loyal.
Miserable but smart.
Tomboyish, Sensitive and encouraging.

Which one you think fits you?