What Pet is Best for You?

What Pet is Best for You?

Looking for a pet but you don't know which one to get? Take this quiz and you will know right away what animal you will want in your home.

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How would you describe yourself?


Do you think that you are a happy person?

Only if people pay me to be happy
I dont know

How many pets do you want to have?

Just one
One or two
Maybe five
It doesn't matter

If you had to kiss one of the pets butts which pet would it be?


If your dog started to beg, what would you do?

Dump water on it.
Make it eat a bug
Ignore it for about a minute
I would never have a dog! They're too discusting!

At what time do you get up at?

12:00 PM, tops
Maybe 7 or 8 AM
I don't sleep.
9:00 Am, if I had a good sleep the night before.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Running, playing, running... Did I mention running?
Sitting on the bench and soaking up the sun.
Nothing. I don't ever go outside.

Which one is your favorite show?

Whatching people sleep
Swimming Compititions
Races, Races and more... RACES
Fashion shows

What do you do on an average weekend?

Sit and brush my lovely hair
sit in the sun

What do you think your results will be for this test?

Something with beautiful fur.
Something playful
Something slimy
Something with scales