hows a cute way to wear your hair <3

hows a cute way to wear your hair <3

see how youd be cute with something different also :) try new things to get good looks?

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do you dance alot?

yup i was born to dance <3 <3
do you want me to break my leg? :P
when my jam comes on :DD
who do you think i am ?

were these good questions :)?

no horrible howd i even get here? eww
they wern't bad :3
not enough but good enough haha
blahh xD i funny.

do you play with your hair 24/7? lol i know i do xD

yeshh all the time its soo soft and shiny i have a magic touch you know ?
no i dont even brush it that would be weird i just put it up messy. :DDD
uhh yeah sure is it normal :o
nopppeee i leave it how it is all day :)

do you like to play alot of sports, and run and strech alot?

ewww who does that i like tv and video games hehe
everyday of the week im a heathly person not a couch potatoe :)
2-3 times a week won't hurt :D
only some times is good enough for me C:

Do you like styling other peoples hair? :{D

ewww i don't like touching other peoples hair gross.
yeah i love to practice and they love me how i do their hair <3
I go up to stangers and do thier hair they don't mind. I cute :3 lolz
only if they ask me to :')

Do you sit around and play video games, eat, and sleep alot xD lol

how did you know what I do o.o
no i like to party with friends ^_^ at clubs and exc...
sometimes unless i don't want to do that. :P
noo way. if i step outside the sun would prolly blow me up D:

Do you attend alot of fancy events?

All the time, im classic <3
ehhh. noo id do anything other then dress nice for some dinner im a sporty, and relaxed type (:
when my parent make me. ._.
nope :P hahaha