are you funny or to quite

are you funny or to quite

see if you make people laugh or if they think your to shy? try talking more

published on July 11, 201325 responses 12
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One of your friend invited you to a party with people you dont know at all.

Say im in and show up like a boss haha
say no way people i dont know, who do you think I am?
sure, but if they don't like me I'm leaving
maybe, it depends if there cool like me

Theres a new kid at school and they need help you?

Say hi, and ask nicley what they need help with.
Trip them and laugh and walk away with your friends.
Say i'd love to help but im bussy.
panic that they talked to YOU and look away fast and run away.

Your staring at your crush, and he ask you why hes staring.

becuase your just sooo frekin cuteee ;)
uhhhh ummm you had a bug on your head, and blush
shrug and say nothing with a blank face
uhhh idk may i stare at you, jeezzz lol

you get a text from the popular people saying want to join are group?

you don't text back becuase you think their setting you up :/
say heck yeah i want to be in your group.
im already in the popular group ._. duhhh why ask that??
you text sureeee but no promises if youll be mean :o

your family and you go out to dinner and you spot your crush and his friends.

you go up to him and scoot a chair up to him and say hi!!!
turn your face and hope he dosen't see you
blush big time and cry > idk why though thier just so pretty :3
yell their name and jump up and down having a conversation from the other side of the resturant :D