What's your summer fun!

What's your summer fun!

It's summer time, and everyone is having a good day. But what is the best thing for you to do in summer? Find out right here, right now!

published on July 10, 20139 responses 3 4.0★ / 5

Can you swim?

Yeah! It's my favourite thing to do!
Yeah, but I can do other stuff.

Can you play a musical instrument?


What's your idea of a perfect party?

A splash at the local swimming pool!
A garden party where all you can do is dance the night
Decorating cupcakes
A craft party. Awesome!

Are you good at art?

Yeah! It's my best subject!
I'm not that bad...
Yuck yuck yuck! I hate all that smarty arty rubbish!

Can you cook?

Yessss! I love cooking!
I s'pose it's not to bad...
Yuck! Cooking? Never!

Which describes you better?

Active and loves exercise!
Calm and cool, but prefers to just chill...

What do you most dislike about summer?

When the sun dries out the food that I've worked hard on!
When peoplpe get so hyper - active, that they ruin my hard work.
When nobody wants to listen to music that I like
When I'm the only one that wants to go in the pool.