What element are you? (3)

What element are you? (3)

Find out what your element is. Are you fire, water, wood, earth or metal? No time to wait, time to find out!

published on July 09, 201361 responses 13 3.5★ / 5

Which sounds most like you?

Just calm
Never gets into a fight

What is your favourite colour?

Blues and purples
Silver and gold
Red, orange or yellow
Blue, white and green
Brown and beige

What would your closest friend describe you as?

Dreaming big
Calm and collected
A big thinker
Loud and jokey

Are you shy?

Kind of, if I'm meeting someone new...
A little bit...
No. But I'm not loud
Very shy!!!!
No way!

Finally, what gets you worked up?

Just about everything!
Nothing really
When people don't believe me
When people disagree with me
Watching my friends get hurt