What is Your Warrior Cat Name? (2)

What is Your Warrior Cat Name? (2)

Find out what you would be like if you were a warrior cat! What will be your name, what will your Clan be, what will you look like, etc.?

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What is your favorite thing to do during a normal day in your Clan?

Hunt! I think I smell a mouse now...
Let me fight! I'll go to the border and if anyone is
across our border, they're going to pay
Anything that my Clan needs me to do, I'll do it
Go play with the kits!
I'll swim all day long
Can't I just stay in the camp? It's safest in here

If your Clan was attacked, what would you do?

Run away and hide! I don't want to get hurt!
Fight to kill. No cat will get in my way
I will lead my Clan and fight to defend them!
I'll help the weaker cats and take care of my
injured Clanmates, fighting isn't my thing
Use my slyness to sneak up on my opponents
and attack them when they're least expecting it
Push my opponent into the river, they can't swim
as well as I can!

What Clan would you want to be in?

RiverClan of course! I love to swim!
ShadowClan because they tend to be darker and
more mysterious
WindClan because I can run fast
I don't care, I just want to do what's best for my
Clanmates once I'm there
ThunderClan because I love living in the forest
and they have the best prey!
All I want to do is help my Clanmates, I don't
care which Clan they belong to

One day, would you want to be leader of your Clan?

Of course! And I'll do anything to get there!
I would love to be leader and be able to defend
my Clan!
No, that's too much responsibility
I would rather just be a warrior and hunt all the
I'm not sure, I like leading others below me, but I
don't know if it's for me
I would like the chance to help my Clanmates,
but I don't like to fight and I would rather raise a

What is your favorite animal?

Any baby animals are the best! So cute!
Lions! They're so brave and they're the king of
the jungle!
I love mice, squirrels, and all of those rodents
Fish are the best, I wish I could swim all day like
Tigers. They're scary and great fighters!
I don't know.

Who is your favorite character from the Warriors series?

Jayfeather! I love how he couldn't do warrior
duties, but helped his Clan in other ways
Silverstream! She was an awesome swimmer and
a great warrior!
Ferncloud. She was a great mother and always
helped out in the nursery
Tigerstar! I love his ambition and his awesome
fighting skills
Lionheart's bravery is the best thing a warrior can
have, he was the best warrior
Mousefur! She was a good hunter and never
desired to be leader or anything, but always did
her duties as a loyal warrior

What would you want to look like?

I want to be small and thin with long legs so I
can run fast
I want to be the biggest, scariest cat in all of the
My pelt needs to be sleek so I can swim well
I want to be small and a brown or muted color so
I can hunt in the woods well without being seen
I want to be large and powerful so I can fight well
I want to be pretty and have a body that is
equipped for having kits!