Is your personality attractive or not?

Is your personality attractive or not?

Has anyone ever said you have a wonderful personality or your personality is horrible? Well, find out here! Seriously, try it!

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If your friend was crying, how would you react?

Go slap them and say, "GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF MAN!"
Ask what's wrong
Leave them be until they cool down
Laugh at them
Tell them to suck it up if they chipped a nail

If you bought two candy bars and you remembered it was your friends birthday... what would you do?

Do the reasonable thing and give them my candy bar
Ignore them so you don't have to tell them you don't have a present
Rub the candy in their face
Run to a store and get something

You catch your best friend's gf/bf making out with another chick/dude... What do you do?

Slap them and tell on them to their bf/gf
Act like you didn't see anything and have your best friend find out later from some stupid person they don't even know
Get them caught in the act by their gf/bf
Let them off with a warning that no one is going to listen too

Are you...

Shy and sweet
Outgoing and totally self-absorbed

If your friend were to ask to borrow your deodarent, what would you say?

Heck to the no you grody pits!!!
Sorry, I'm a germophobe...
Sure, I don't mind as long as you don't
What do I get out of it?

If you had to choose between saving yourself or the world, which would you choose?

The world because of all the people I love
The world, who cares about me?
Myself, the world would be nothing without me!

Your gf (that would be sad if it was your bf) came up to you crying, what do you say?

Whose butt am I kickin' babe?
Don't cry all over my polester shirt!
Do I look like a shoulder to cry on?
What's wrong my darling?
Who are you?

Your gf/bf asks if their new shirt makes them look sexy, but it doesn't, what do you say?

Nope, not one bit
Be honest, but in a nice way
What are you wearing, cuz it's fugly!!!
Totally babe, totally.
Try this on instead