Does he like me? (2)

Does he like me? (2)

There's this guy at my school and I like him, but I'm not sure if he likes me back. I haven't even told him that I like him. HELP! Answer according to what you think. There are no wrong answers! Did I mention he plays guitar and drums?!

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He says I look pretty without makeup...

He's lying
It's true
He's a real charmer and knows what to say to the ladies

How do I tell him I like him?

Tell him straight up
Don't tell him
Make it obvious

He always is staring at me...

He totally digs you
He's looking at you cuz ur staring at him
He's looking at the chick next to you

He has a girlfriend, but doesn't like her much and there are rumors he's gonna break up with her because he was pressured into the relationship...

Dumping her for you sista!
He doesn't like her... OR YOU!
Maybe he likes you, maybe he doesn't

He tells me to sing my heart out...

He wants you to die when your heart gives out from too much singing
He loves your singing
He likes you

He dances in the back of the band room when I look at him...

He's trying to make you laugh
He's trying to impress you
He's trying to repel you (Which isn't working much, is it?)
He really likes you enough to be himself

He isn't really giving implications that he likes me,am I reading to much into it?

No, he likes you
Stop being paranoid

Does he like me?

Maybe so
I don't know