Does your crush like you back? (BOYS ONLY)

Does your crush like you back? (BOYS ONLY)

This is a quiz 2 help you find out if your crush likes you! If she does congrads! If she doesn't don't worry.

published on July 07, 201373 responses 2
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What does this girl do to you?

She tries to kill me every time she sees me!
She gives me goo goo eyes!
She looks at me with a realllly mad face
She wants to try and kiss me!

Does this girl stare at you?

YES!!!! With a smile!
YEAH! With a mad look!
She'll look at me and smile.

Does this girl talk to you?

Yeah.She talks abut our friendship on the next leval
Yup.She talks about our friendship period.
No.She tries to ignore me.
No. But when we do talk she's shy.

What has she ever said to you?

Stay away from me!
(Nothing Really)
Wanna go out?
I trust you.

What would she say if she was behind you right now?

"Your so sweet to take a quiz just to see if I like you"
"There's no need to take a quiz.Why not just ask me?"
She'd just attack me