what does he think of you?

what does he think of you?

find out what he thinks of you does he like you or does he hate you or does he not know find out hear :)

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Is he in any of your classes

yes all of them
most of them
just 2 or 3
just 1
no one but he was in them last year
no none at all never has

does he ever talk to you

yeh all the time
most of the time
yeh quite often
yeh of course
no he never talks to me
only if hes going to be horid
sometimes not verry often thoe and most the time I have to startthe conversation

Has he ever hugged you

of course all the time
never if I tried he would freak out
no never
no we dont realy talk much
yeh some times
yep! bugt not all the time but quite often

Has he ever kissed you

of course all the time
no chance
no we dont talk much let alone kiss lol
yeh but just on the cheak once
yeh a playfull one on the cheak
a few playfull ones on the cheak

If he has kissed you have you used the tongue

of course all the time!!!
WHAT NO he hates me and would never do that not unless it was a dare and he was gona be paid a fortune
no why would he
no no chance
no I dont think he would want to
no but he might

ok a little more personal sorry peeps lol ok have you ever had sex?

of course all the time
once for a joke
no nearley thoe
no dont think he would want to

have you ever been on a date

of course we have
yeh once
what no chance
no but he might
I cant realy c it
no I cant c it hapening at all

does he ever look at you when hes with his mates

yeh all the time
yeh quite often
yeh I cought him a few times
not realy sometimes
he doesnt need to I'm always with him and his mates
only to glare