Which Celebrity Hunter Couple Are You?

Which Celebrity Hunter Couple Are You?

In celebration of Bending All the Rules, find out which Hunter couple most represents you and your honey!

published on July 06, 20138 responses 0 2.0★ / 5

What about this hunk attracted this lady?

His carefree spirit and bloodshot eyes
His piano-playing
His deep voice, his talent, his humor.... *sigh*
His beard
His dancing to Michael Jackson
These men know how to get things done and make
things happen
His spikey hair

What do you and your sweetie like to do together?

Arrange meetings, plan events, wrangle drunk people
and make things happen.
We like to sing in plays
We like to sing in playz
One of us directs, and the other always seems to get
cast! ;)
We like to sit around and schmoke
I just like to be out at a party with lots of people and
see what happens
One of likes to make a lot of noise--sing, dance, and go
crazy. The other likes to make funny jokes quietly

How long have you guys been together?

Over a year
Our partnership has lasted as long as we have been
involved with the Theater club
Since 1983
Since November
Also since November but we had a Sam-and-Diane Will-
they-wont-they-thing going on
We're just friends, but its been a long time
its complicated

What about this fine lady attracted this fine man?

Her beautiful big hair and stunning figure
Her see-through shirts
Her directing ability, short blonde hair, and curves
the wrench in her locker
She asked me to touch her boobs in the clubspace
I love women
Her sexy dance moves, her wild laughter, and she has
my face as the background of her phone

How affectionate are you in public?

I'm affectionate with everyone. I think we should all
just go with it!
My honey is a little touchy feely, and I'm getting used
to it.
With an an bum like that, hey...things happen
If only he knew how I really felt...
We're kinda busy right now, but we'll get back to you
via e-mail about this
We're adorable
We're not really a couple soo