What are you Wolf or Fox

What are you Wolf or Fox

this quiz will tell you if you are a wolf or a fox. hope you like this quiz

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witch food do you like better?


imagine your mate was captured by another family and was badly injured and your cubs were with your mate What would you do?

save them by fighting
save them by sneaking them out
make a deal with the head of the family who captured your mate and cubs
save them while they flee you make sure all the family who had captured your mate and cubs have your attention
Kill who ever gets in your way to save your family
Flee "i am not helping them they can save them selves"

imagine your a wolf or Fox walking through the forest with your cubs and mate to try and find somewhere to stay but then you get stopped in your tracks by a family of wolves/foxes What do you do?

Give them a warning to get lost
Growl at them
tell your mate to take the cubs to safety and fight
Your and your mate grab the cubs and flee
Protect your family as much as you can

What your favourite colour ?

Black or White

What pets do you like best ?