Do you need a bra? (GIRLS ONLY)

Do you need a bra? (GIRLS ONLY)

Find out if you do and how much you need one. Strictly GIRLS ONLY (as said in the title)

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Do others notice your breasts?

no never
i don't think so but I'm uncomfortable being braless in public now
i'm not sure
probaly not

Do others your age wear bras?

yeah and our breasts are probaly about the same size
yeah i probaly need it more than they do
no but i think i need a bra
yeah but my breasts are tiny compared to them
a couple girls, im average

Do you feel uncomfortable when somebody sees?

very, very, very but thats just me ill always be like that
a little
not at all

Jump. Do your breasts hurt?

not at all.
a little.
a lot.
i kinda feel it but kinda don't

Do you own a bra?

a few
no but i need one

Do you think you need a bra?

not really
maybe a little
yeah kind of
defintly my breasts are big for my age

Do you want a bra?

nooooooooooooooooooooo i hate bras
yay! i hope this quiz says i need one!!
i kind of do but kind of don't.
not that much

What bra would fit you best?

a big/bigger one
a small one
medium size, i don't know
i dont need a bra (runs far away from the bra store)

Stand straight up and tall. Look down. How much of your feet can you see?

my whole foot
half of it
none, 1/4, or 1/13

How big are your breasts?

very tiny
medium- sized

How did you like this?

Awesome quiz!
Hurry up! I want to know my result.