What Kind of Semiotician Are You

What is a semiotician, you ask? Take the quiz and you may get a feel for it. In fact, everyone has a bit of semiotician in them. If you are a true pedant, you'll love this.

published on July 24, 201417 responses 0
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Which of the following best relates to the terms: dog, eagle, gene,

novel, sonnet, phrase
logical types
relations or intentions
remorselessly different

Which of the following best describes the structure of the sign:

a set of logical relations
a reality based in similarities
relations of representamen, object, and interpretant
something calling forth something to someone
a ground for multiple interpretations
a relation of signifier and signified

What is your favorite era in Western history?

The late 19th century.
The 1970s.
The 1950s.
Early modernity (the late 16th and early 17th centuries)
You have to appreciate the whole history.
Enlightenment (late 17th century and 18th centuries)

Which of the following art forms do you find the most engaging?

I prefer the subtlety of a cameo.
The 19th century silhouette appeals to me.
There is nothing as engaging as a cubist painting.
For pure beauty, I look to classical sculpture.
I don't have a favorite, but the image must be interesting.
I'm very attracted to geometric forms.

What activity would you most like to accomplish:

Design a perfect theater.
Describe a sunset completely in words.
Show that truth is an illusion.
Understand everything.
Explain why apes don't possess language.
Write a comprehensive definition of the sign.

Which best describes the relationship of 'semiotics' as a manifestation of philosophy and language or culture.

Semiotics is the extension of linguistic science to all cultural phenomena.
Semiotics is a philosophical doctrine applicable to all phenomena in our experience.
Semiotics is a field that aids in the interpretation of everything in human culture.
Semiotics is an approach to culture based in language and metaphor.
Semiotics is the study of the nature of the sign.
Semiotics is a diverse family of approaches to the study of signs.

Which of the following books would you prefer to read?

"The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman"
<À l'ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs>
"The Three Faces of Eve"
I don't read a lot of novels, but I liked "Perfume"
"Divina Commedia"
"Tractatus de Signis"

Which of the following animals most appeals to you?

Three-Toed Sloth
Duck-billed Platypus
Bird of Paradise

As a child, I liked to play:

... with tinker toys
... with dolls and puppets
... with magnets and puzzles
... all by myself
... with all the other kids' toys
... with mirrors

My impression of the color red is:

A basic color in the Yoruba language which is not the same as red in English.
It is a very bright.
A quality of great potential.
It is not black, white, or any other color we might name.
In what sense do you mean 'red'?
It is not black, or white.

When dining out, I usually order:

Boeuf bourguignon
Carefully paired cheese and wine
Roast pork
Starters, soup, salad, bread, and lots of dessert.
Saltimbocca alla romana
Sushi, borscht, or haggis