Which Frozen Character Are You?

Which Frozen Character Are You?

This is about the new Disney movie Frozen. It comes out on Thanksgiving this year.

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1. What is your personality?

I’m kind and fearless. I’m also an optimist.
I’m elegant and cold
I’m goofy and nice

2. Who are you?

I want to be Anna
I want to be Elsa the Snow Queen
I want to be Olaf, the snowman

3. Where does your character live?

*see above*
Out in the snow

4. Good or neutral?

Neutral but later good

5. Describe your appearance.

I’m slender, has fair skin, light freckles, blond hair, blue eyes. I wear a light blue blouse, dark blue dress with black bodice, black boots, and a magenta cape.
I’m slender and have pale skin, light freckles, silvery-white hair in a braid, and blue eyes. I wear a strapless blue dress and a see-through cape.
I’m a snowman

6. What is your goal?

To melt my frozen heart and get my sister back
To become Snow Queen of Arendelle, then hide myself from people who know my powers

7. Do you have a sibling?

Yes, I have an older sister named Elsa.
Yes, I have a younger sister named Anna.
No, I’m a snowman

8. I know I’ve asked this twice but who do you want to be?

Elsa the Snow Queen
Olaf the Snowman