Who Are U From A.N.T Farm?

Who Are U From A.N.T Farm?

Whoever takes my quiz and comments becomes followed by me. Just saying. If you already are following me, and commented then we can arrange a prize.

published on July 04, 201351 responses 22 4.5★ / 5

What is your hair style?

wavy(not exactly wave pretty wave)
wavy but prettier than most waves
straight curly? who cares? gotta have highlights
i like laid back old style

What is your favorite class?

wait! we have classes???
computer technology

Have you taken any of my quizzes?

I have-only the lyric one
Each one, and I remeber the answer to each of them
I took a few like the summer one...
I took all!!

Do you have a crush?

Occasionly but you have no business asking
Never really had a serious crush on anyone
I thought you'd never asked. I don't have crushes. I am the crush
Yes a really cute boy/girl
Yeah...she/ he makes my heart beat

What is your favorite thing to do?

read books on comfy chairs
draw art
record songs in my bedroom
hog the computer
shop with BFF