What's the girl you 'like' like?

What's the girl you 'like' like?

Think of the girl you like at school/work or whatever. Now answer these questions about her!

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Is she good looking?

Heck Yeah, She's SO Sexy!
Yeah, she IS good looking!
Erm... Yeah, she's alright! I don't mind anyway...
Well... er... um.... She USED to be...
Not... really... But looks ain't everything, right?

Shes better at stuff like:

Maths and English
Singing and Dancing
Drawing and Art
Sports and Fitness

Is she in all your classes?

YEAH! :)
ALMOST all of them...
Not anymore :(
Only a few :'(

Do you sit next/near to her in any subjects?

I sit next to her in nearly all of them.
Yeah quite a few actually!
Only 1 or 2...
Eh... KINDA near to her i guess...
Nope :(

Have you ever had a fallout? (As Friends)

Yeah... but it's always about another girl.
But we always sort it out in the end! :)
A few times!
We've had 1 or 2. And it was only really a debate to be honest!
Nah, she's so nice to me!
Never. Never have Never will.

What stands out about her?

Her looks.
Her intelligence.
Her smile :)
Her Jokes.
The way she always wants to hang out with me. :)
Because EVERYTHING does! :D

How does she act around you?

Like I'm her BEST FRIEND! She always invites me to places and stuff
Casual! Never gets nervous or anything!
A little nervous in real life i suppose but over text and IM and stuff shes real nice! :)
I think sometimes shes too nervous to talk to me...
Her voice goes funny and her face goes red... I hope she's OK :/

Does she like the same stuff as you?

Yup! We are like twins! :)
Most of the stuff we like is similar~!
Yeah, quite a few things!
1 or 2 maybe...
Not really....
Nah we're pretty different!

WAIT! Do you have MORE than one crush!?

Erm... I have loads. Should i do this for all of them!??!
Yeah quite a few :/
Only 2 or 3 at the most, really. I would happily do this for all of them!
Erm... well.... Its MAINLY this girl, but um... yeah...
Nah, just her. She's the girl of my DREAMS!

How good friends are you?

Really REALLY good friends!
Just really good friends. :)
Pretty good friends!
Just friends...
Erm... We... see each other around...
I hardly know her :(

Do you know if she likes you back?

Yup! She's told me so many times... and she's obsessed with me!
Mmhmm! She's told me before. :)
No but i get the feeling she does....
Nah... :(

Here's the question we've all been waiting for... Are you gonna ask her out??

Heck yeah! Right now! Wish me luck...
Yeah maybe later...
Not yet, but soon I will :)
Give it a year or two to get to know each-other properly and build our friendship to the highest standard!
No... I want HER to come to ME!
I never wanna ask her because I'm really scared she'd say no...
If she doesn't come to me then yeah i will... But i'll give her a while...
Nope... I've given up on her...