How weird are you?

How weird are you?

if your like me .. your very weird and random .. but that's awesome just don't be you know creepy weird.. *shivers* well enjoy!! :3

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have you ever eaten a bug.. be truthful!

one time.. but I was forced to..
yeah and it was yummy :3
eww no!

if you could go skinny dipping would you?

Heck ya ! I already have dude!!!! :D
umm... no I don't ever want to..
sure I think that'd be fun.

do you think PSY gentle man music video is weird.. or random?

yes.. I really don't like PSY
eh.. its kinda random.
It's not weird at all! :P

Have you ever had a super sexy staring contest? :}

a few times.. lol

What do you think about salad fingers?

I have no Idea what that is..
I've watched a few episodes.. they were ok
I love it !!! I LIKE RUSTY SPOONS C:

Have you ever played strip poker? :o

All the time
eww no!

have you ever wanted or have ever kissed a chicken?

I guess that would be kinda cool... sure :)
HECKY YA I do it all the time
who would do that? I mean really..

Anata ya hoka no hitobito wa, anata ga kimyoda to omoimasu ka? :3

yay Japanese! :D
What are you saying...
yes I am weird...

Have you ever randomly break danced in front of people for no reason?

once I guess XD
all the time :]

If you could be a pedo phile for a day would you?

heck ya *creepy laugh*
no that's terrible..
It depends..

Am I asking weird or uncomfortable questions?

Yes.. why am I even doing this quiz
No they're ok
no these are so normal they're almost boring..

Do you like speedos? xD

yeah they're ok
I love dem ^__^
eww gross no!