What does your sleeping position say about you?

What does your sleeping position say about you?

You can tell a lot about a person by how they sleep. What's your personality like? This quiz will tell you how you what you are really like depending on your normal sleeping position. Answer truthfully!

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Do you drool in your sleep?

A lot.

What are your legs usually doing while you're asleep?

Toes pointing straight out, knees tucked to my stomach.
Knees up, poking out.
Sticking straight forward, knees not bent at all.
Knees slightly bent.

What are your arms usually doing?

Either grasping the pillow or sticking out to
the side.
To my side.
Sticking straight out.
Tucked under my pillow, elbows tucked to my stomach.

Do you dream?

No, not that I can remember.
Yes, usually dreams about the day before.
Sure, not any type specifically.
Yes, usually nightmares.

Do you sweat in your sleep?

Some nights.
I'm not sure.
A lot.

What is your head usually doing while you sleep?

Tucked into my chest.
Facing upwards, facing the ceiling.
Turned to the side.
It's different every time.

What do you do with your hands while you sleep?

Clutch the pillow, walls, or anything nearby.
Tucked under my pillow.
At my side.
Facing outward.

Do you often wake up anxious?

Yes, most nights, actually.
I can't remember.