Are you in mature

Find out if you are a mutter teen or you act like a 2 year old (add me and send me a message my name is maddiepaddie20) THANKS!!

published on May 23, 2011109 responses 27 4.2★ / 5

Do you like to party on a Friday night

I party till dawn
Noo I still have homework on the weekends
Yup I love to hang with my friends

Do you always do your homework

Always and I usually handing my homework a month earlier
Usually once in a blue moon I forget
Barely only when the homework is fun

How old are you


Do you sleep with a stuff animal

When I was a kid (I still am a kid)
Noo to in mature
Yes I get scarred at night

Do you still play with water guns toy trains or barbies

No those are for little children
Yes I always attack my baby sister with my water gun
Only if my little bro or sis asks me to play with them

Do you have a boyfriend (girl friend)

We just broke up :,(
Ewwwww girls (boys) have cooties
Yes we are in a serious relationship

Are you popular

Very all the little kids love playing tag with me
No not really I only have a couple of friends
I have a lot of friends but I don't think everyone knows me

Do you listen to your parents

Yes always
Pretty much always unless there is a li-jitiment
Never I always right

What's your favorite game to play with your friends (or a special friend ;)

Twister you don't need to think and it's fun
With my friends: truth or dare with my special friend:spin the bottle
Monopoly it needs a brain and I only play it when i am done all my homework

Have you ever snuck out of the house when you were grounded

Yeah all the time every day of the week
I have once of twice but only because my parents were being un reasonable
I have never been grounded before
No I have been grounded before but no reason to leave

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4-5 stars helps me to to realize who I should be