What Type Of Pony Are You? (1)

What Type Of Pony Are You? (1)

ok so yah...first quizz...so please don't be mean about it.. i took a while and there will be more coming!

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what is the theme of your room?

medival.. so rich and fancy!
the 5os, you love poodle skirts!
Modern,history is for eggheads.
victorian,so sophisticated and beautiful!
the resiansance,everyone got smarter!
a mish mash,who has time for decorating?

Whats your dream job?

Royal guard
Business Pony
Weather patrol

your ideal outfit to the grand galloping gala.

anything that shimmers and glimmers. I mean,thats in,right?
WHAT?!?! I I'm supposed to dress up? No way!
oh well I'm just gonna where my old dress for school graduation...*looks at dress* ew... maybe not...
the finest gown there! don't even try to tell me its not..
could you repeat that stupid question.. never mind.. i don't want to hear it again.
oh well.. hopefully i can find something..heh heh.. lets see..

Whats your favorite color?

blue, now 20 percent cooler.
purple,its royal
gold,so shiny!
black,just like the wonder bolt smoke.
yellow,the sun!

Where would you live in ponyville?

Fancy mansion
quite cottage
city? no way! the country side is where its at!
the clouds
a garden