What kind of Chokolat Lover are you?

What kind of Chokolat Lover are you?

This is a quiz to see how much you love chocolate and what you would do just to get one bite!!

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Its easter and they are giving out free chocolate bars down at the market.
You want to go but your parents locked you in.

I'll Stay at home and just moan about it.
What if I Break out through the window and run as fast as I can to the store.
Just Forget about it and do my homework.

Today your class is going to a chocolate factory but you are sick.

I'll just Stay at home and get better.
Hmm.. I'll Get the adress of the factory and go there some other time.
Act like I'm ok and just go. After all chocolate is my medicine.

You get an invitation to an awesome show where you can win a life guarantee of free chocolate. The only problem is its on the same day of your BFF's Bday party.

I'll Tell her that I'm sick and go to the show to win!
My BFF is more important and besides there will be chocolate!!
Who cares about a stupid show and your BFF's Parties are boring anyways. I'll Stay at home.

Its your birthday, you opened all the presents but no one gave you a basket full of chocolate.

No chocolate?! What are u people, crazy?
So what if i didnt get chocolate, at least I got lots of presents! :3
Shame, no chocolate but I got some money. Maybe I can buy some later.

Its Christmas and its time to write your wish list.

Dear Santa,
for christmas, I'd like lots and lots of chocolate!! Oh and if you could pls give me a chocolate dog?
Dear Santa,
I'd like nothing with chocolate!
Merry Christmas!
Dear Santa,
I'd like a computer, books oh and pls give me a bit of chocolate.

Its halloween but all they're giving you is nougat bars.

Whatever, I'll just give this to my dog.
No chocolate? I'll just go home and bake a chocolate cake. That will be fun.
I'll just throw eggs at them and scream till I get chocolate!!

You are sleeping and having a wonderful dream. What is it about?

Marshmallows, big and soft!
A chocolate flying unicorn who is making lots of chocolate!!!
Me eating marshmallows with chocolate sauce on it.

Finally, What do you think of chocolate??

It's good, I would eat whenever I get the chance...
It's discusting, how can you even ask me that??
It's the best thing on earth, I love it!!! Its raining chocolate, hallelujah!