What How To Rock Character Are U?

What How To Rock Character Are U?

I watch How To Rock sometimes and this is whoever does too. People who don't watch it can take the quiz too though.(girls only)

published on July 01, 201322 responses 10
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If you were about to die what would be your first intention?

to wear makeup/go shopping
to find out why im such a goody two shoes
to sing infront of Carrie Underwood
to pitch one last ball

What is your favorite thing to do?

write songs and sing
make yourself useful
be pretty
follow your bff around

What is your dream job?

to be a singer
im to pretty to have a job
to play in an extreme sport
job? what's a job?

Fav show?

Good Luck Charlie
Shake It Up
Uh..Starring Me???

How might you spend a rainy afternoon?

i dunno...i've never thought about it
i'll shop even if it is raining
a special baseball inside season
a party with your friends