Are You The Perfect Prey To A Murderer? :o

Are You The Perfect Prey To A Murderer? :o

Well from my best information and knowledge this quiz is gonna tell you if you are perfect prey or harder to get.. Always have one eye behind you because you'll never know what/who could be lurking in the shadows...

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what do you do when your home alone?

Invite a Bunch of friends over and have a party!
I go to bed.. since there isn't anything to do anyway.. (leaves the doors unlocked until parents get home)
You call your friend and ask them to come over.. and hang out.

Do you keep a protective weapon with you?

No I never feel the need to.. I feel safe without them.
Only sometimes like when I'm walking home alone and stuff..
Yes but like you said only for safety perposes

Do you lock your doors at night?

yeah sometimes.. but mostly when I'm alone
Yes I always lock the doors at night.
No not really I don't really feel the need to...

What time is your curfew?

around 11 to 12 ish
around 6 or 7
Depends usually like 4 or 5 exceptions only if I'm with friends..

What way do you usually get home from school?

I usually ride a bus.. sometimes get picked up
I walk home everyday
I get picked up everyday

are you an outsider at school?

well yes somewhat.. I'm pretty much the average
No way! I'm like one of the most popular people in school!
I can be but that's ok that I'm

Do you give out your personal information on the internet?

No not really just what I did that day on like facebook and blogs and stuff..
No way.. why would I?
heck ya my name, phone number, address.. ect.