what are you like? for girls only

what are you like? for girls only

shy, strong, sporty, girly, short tempered, dumb, smart, tomboy find out what you are like now

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how would you decribe your self

amazing and the best
sporty and agame lover
pink and pretty

if your freand dosnt agree with you how do you react

laghth and say "ok bff"
say "well were diffrent" shake it off
dont care
get anoyed as you kow your right

what do you do on the weekend

sport or stay inside
go out withmy bff in to town and get pink clothes
invite my frend round
do everything my way

if you dont win a game what do you do

have a paddy and moan
have a nother go
get more lucky charms
dont care

how do you celabrate a acevement

go shoping
tell my freand during a game or race
tell my freands and have a treat
make everyone gelous

whats your faverout colour

not that bothered
why do you need to know its the best couler there is

what do you wear

a pink or light couler dress or skert
anyting that makes me stand out
top and jeans
maters what the wether is and how im feeling

what animals do you like

dogs, hores, big cat's, rats, snake, spiders any realy
cats, hores, poodles and cute dog's
any anamal as long as there amazing just like me
most as long as there not scary

what do you do in your spear time

play vidio games
play with your freands
do a katwalk
be the center of atention
do lots of sports
do what i want
maters how i feel