what zoo animal are you? haha :D

what zoo animal are you? haha :D

this is another one just for fun, it may sound a little weird but you'll see!!!

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if you saw someone fall down what would you do?

i would strap on a cape and save the day!!! :D
i would be at their side with a first aid kit
i would laugh and ask if they were ok
if their not crying, there fine

if you had a fight with your friend, how would you apologize?

crack a joke to lighten the mood...haha
ask if they want to come over
say, "im not the one who should be apologizing"
talk to them about what happend and say sorry

if you had to do a project to help the community what would you do?

organize a care package for storm victims
collect money from neighbors and call it a day
have a car wash fundraiser
have a pie eating contest fundraiser

if your bff lost one of her favorite things, how would you help her?

ok well sorry ive got to go now....
lets go skating and look for it later
im sooooo sorry ill help you day and night
lets turn this house upside down and search!

if there was a bully picking on you or someone else....

you would make fun of the bully
you would fight back
you would tell them to fear the wrath of your spray gun! oh yea!
you would ask them to stop and calmy tell the teacher

if your room was messy, how would you clean it up?

i wouldnt
make it into a fun game!
my room wouldnt be that messy
laugh and lie to your mom that you cleaned it

where would you eat out on a friday night?

an exotic place
a comedy club
a pizza place
a small resturaunt