What divine horse are you?

find out what divine horse most suits you! Are you a slipnir, or a gypse? A croesus, or a Balios?

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do you prefer to give presents to...

your close friends and strengthen your friendship
random people so you make new friends!

what is your favourite type of colour?

neon / rainbow colours!
elegant colours
I hate colour.
My favourite colour changes due to my mood

where would your ideal place to live be?

a hut on a soft sandy beach...
on top of a huge mountain with smaller mountains all around me!
a remote island. Only a few shops and houses.
a normal town
in the countryside!

what divine do you think you are most likely to be?


how would you describe yourself?

powerful. I'm nice, but I understand what you need in this world
Generous. I know I'm not perfect, but I give to those who need.
money loving. I know you need money! I'm one of the few clever enough to know that money is the key in life!
different to most people.

have you ever heard of the player 'Yozles' ?

yup. I know most players around.
yeah, I've done a deal with her before
no. doesn't ring a bell

have you ever heard of 'Philly Bob Phrog' or 'Yozles' ?

I've heard of one of them... from somewhere...
yea! I know them both quite well!
nope. Never heard of either of them.