Which Disney Character Are You Most Like?

Which Disney Character Are You Most Like?

Disney is the best? How do YOU relate? From princesses to Tinkerbell and friends, the answer might shock you!

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How would you describe yourself?

Confused, like you need to change something in your life to be happy

If faced by a bully, would would you say/do?

Stomp your feet and show him/her that you're the one
in charge.
Stick up for yourself and your friends.
Get help.
Fight back. Why not? He started it.
Run off and ignore him/her.

Are you a leader

I can make my own decisions
Well, I mostly just get my way anyway....
I'm not afraid to ask for help when I need it

How do you feel about music?

Music is soothing and can help solve problems.
Music can be used to teach important life lessons.
You love to sing!
Bells and percussion are your thing!
You don't sing too often, but sometimes find yourself humming your favorite tune.

How well do you work?

Keep trying until you get it right!
If you have the proper tools, it can be easy, but if not, you might give up!
Whistle and get the job done!
You don't try too hard.
Well, but only when you're working toward something you want.

Do you believe in magic?

I NEED magic to survive!
Magic helps me soar!
Magic can get you through a tough spot.
Some magic is good, some is bad.
Magic is just the power of you imagination!

What is your fashion sense like?

Comfortable clothes- like sweat pants and tennisshoes
Beach and summer clothes- bathing suits and shorts with flip flops or sandals
Sensible- pockets, places to store things, clothes you can move around in
Classy- dressy clothes, nice shoes
Cute- short skirt, designer tee, flats

Your crush walks up to you and says hello. How do you respond?

Provide your crush with flowers or chocolates.
Make a lasting impression on your crush.
Ask your crush to tell you stories about them self.
Try to be with your crush, doing whatever it takes to be by his/her side.
Make sure you are the only person your crush notices.

How do you feel about animals?

Animals can be your best friend!
Helpful creatures, but they sometimes get in the way.
Animals and people are pretty much the same.
If you help animals, they will help you as well.
Total role models. You act just like them!

Which of these is your favorite color?