What Vocaloid Character Are You?

What Vocaloid Character Are You?

hey.. guys! It's me Mary_chan bringin' you yet another quiz... sorry if it isn't that good i'm not the best quiz maker :p

published on June 29, 2013103 responses 28
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What is your favorite vocaloid anyway?

Miku Hatsune! :3
Megurine Luka! :)
Kaito Shion! :}
Nero Akita! :o
Rin & Len Of course!
Gumi Megupoid! C:

What's your VERY favorite color?!

I like green..
aqua, its very pretty.. LIKE ME!
is iphone a color? (ME: no...) OH WELL I DON"T CARE!
I think blue is a very epic color...
I'd have to say.. pink :)

If you and your friends were planning a surprise party for Gackupo what would you do?

I would bring the cake.. nasty egg plant flavored :S
Heh I would bring him the best present ever!
I would surprise him so much that he pees his pants (ME: eww...)
I would walk right up to him and kiss him! <3 <3 <3
Gawd.. i hate him i wouldn't go to that losers party! >:D

How do you feel about singing careers?

well I would just have to say to the people out there who DO sing for a living (or want to) that it can be really rough sometimes but if you have enough faith you'll definitely pull through!~ :D
Eh it's ok.. I mean whatever...
Singing is my passion I absolutely love to sing!
well it can definitely be tough sometimes but I think its worth it to see all the smiling and joyous faces!
MUSIC IS MY LIFE! I couldn't live without it (literally)
It can be very stressful sometimes but also VERY worth it.. as long as you put all your heart and soul into your music. :3

What is your favorite bottom wear? I know its weird but I'm running out of ideas.. XD

I'd have to say a nice fluffy orange skirt to brighten my day!
umm I would just wear pants..
SHORTS.. most definitely! :D
A short black skirt of course!
I would wear a long skirt.. that matches my personality.. sweet but not to sweet.. :P
high butt skirt (just not like gross Miku's) *laughs*

which is your favorite thing (that's on list)?

My iphone.. DUH! :T
I like ice cream.. its SOO FREAKIN GOOD!!!
LEAKS! LEAKS! LEAKS! (p.s.: I like leaks!)
mm... carrots :B
I like bananas/lemons! :}
well I do love tuna fish... =^.^=

Are you a boy or girl? :)

Grl * texts*
I'm a girl.. and what does this have to do with the quiz? :o
well does it count if your twins? (ME:I don't know..)
Imma girl :3
do I look like a boy to you! (ME: umm no...) WELL IM A GIRL!

What do you do when you have free time? and don't even say iphone!

well I would spend some time with my friends, I mean who wouldn't?
well I would be swimming or even possibly getting run over by a steam roller! xD (ME: ok then..)
tending to my beautiful garden.. oh wow I'm so happy! my carrots are almost ready! :3
well I would either be in the kitchen cooking leak soup! Or spending time with Kaito! <3 <3 <3
I would be on my ipho- (Me: NO! I SAID NO!) ok ok geez well then I'd be singing a song about my iphone..
I would be chasing after the ice cream truck * thinks about ice cream* man I <3 ice cream...

What is your favorite type of power? xD

I have no idea..
Ice :)
aww dang it can I have flower power? lol XD

What is your favorite type of song?

Pop.. definitely I mean who doesn't?!
I like anything.. well except metal * blech*
I'd have to say rock *hehe*
well I like all types of music! (Me: Bro Fist!! :3)
I personally like love songs.. xD
Whatever sounds good at the time.. :T