Which creepy pasta would be your boyfriend? :D

Which creepy pasta would be your boyfriend? :D

sorry if it sucks I was just bored... and stuff so ya I really hope you enjoy it!

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who do YOU think is the hottest out of these guys?

Jeff The killer .. all the way! <3 <3
Slender man! so many arms to hold me :3 <3 <3
Ben drowned! sooo cute I wanna hug em' =^.^=
Eyeless jack! what's under that mask.. an ANGEL *0*
Laughing Jack! i'm kinda in the mood for some candy :3
Anon! so hot no one can have em' except me!
Valgo! He's mine I wuv him :3

What personalities do you like in a guy?

Flirty, hot, psychotic, always smiling
Sweet, dark, funny, always laughing
blonde, dark, smart, cute, short
Mysterious, nice, shy, loving, dark
Tall, fancy, mature, smart, shy
Dark, hypnotizing, quiet, nice, mysterious
Secretive, moody, smart, sweet

What is your favorite color, out of these choices?

Black ^^
Green **
Red >:D
Orange ...
White :3
grey :o

What is your personality (out of these choices)?

kind, mature, shy, classy
Shy, mysterious, cute, secretive
Dark, depressing, charming, sweet,
Blonde thinker, funny, nice, sweet,
Crazy, sweet tooth, out-going, funny, easy going
Psychotic, emo, dark, funny, flirty, always smiling
Loving, secretive, nice, dark,

If you had to wear anything what would it be?

a suit, and tie.. baby!
Nothing ;3
just my hat and stuff...
my white hoodie, and black pants, :p
black and white, epic suspenders,
just the usual...
my mask, and my sweater... to hide my feelings T-T

If you went on a date with him where would you go?

the forest, under the moonlit sky, to watch the stars!
a candy store to buy some more candy!!!
someplace quiet, were we can be alone...
anywhere but here.. *ugh*
my room... were i'll show you my awesome new PS 4!
to sleep... z z z ^.^
to a romantic get away, were we will have dinner under the stars... :3

are these questions ok or are they a little weird? :3

umm yeah.. they're freakin' weird dude * leaves room*
eh could be better...
They're pretty good.. nice job :)
I don't know! :S
needs more sweets *hehehe*
I like them! epicness unicorns flying on rainbowz!

Who do you think has the best creepypasta story(ies)?

well I would say the rake... but that's just me..
the one where that guy dies and after that I eat some candy :I
I actually like Valgo's ... o3o
Any story that has little kids <3 <3 <3 :D
I know it sounds silly but I like.. ben drowned o///o
I can't pick a favorite.. I like all creepypastas! :)

What would you do if your house was on fire and you were stuck inside your house?

I would just give up... life isn't that worth living.. *sighs*
I would eat/drink a bunch of sugar and break in the front door!! >:D
I would find something heavy and break a window...
Pssshh I would just put out the fire.
I would just enjoy the heat and beauty of the hot flames...
well first off.. I would grab my knife and s- oh I mean I would pry open a door... >:p
I would call for help out a window and try to find a fire extinguisher.

When you were a child, where your parents?

well.. dad was usually off hunting and mom was always there for me!
both my parents were never home so I usually fended for myself.. (ME: oh i'm really sorry..)
I never met them... o.0
both parents did drugs and ended up in prison, when I was 5 so I was in an orphanage growing up...
umm I killed them! * cough cough erg* I mean... I don't know....
My parents were always there... I just never payed much attention to them, I was very secretive as a kid.
That's none of your freakin' business!

What's your favorite genre of movie?

I don't really watch movies....
Love stories! ^-^
action. :)
HORROR! baby!!!!
psychotic, insane..

Who would be your creepypasta enemy?

well i'd say pedo bear.. is that even creepypasta? oh well...
The rake >:I
everyone *3*
rrgh I'd have to say Valgo :o
I don't really like hoodie he creeps me out..
I'd say masky he always hangs around hoodie .. and not me! :,(
hmm... I don't really have enemies