What animal are YOU? (1)

What animal are YOU? (1)

Ever wondered what type of animal you will be in the afterlife? Now you can find out!

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It is a rainy day so you...

You bundle up wih raincoat rainboots and umbrella before going outside.
Go outside and play as soon as you see a raindrop.
Curl up with your homework and do it in half an hour
Sleep with the piterpatter on your window lulling you to sleep

At school there is suddenly a new fashion trend of wearing skinny jeans. You...

Go along with the trend, you think it is cool
Don't really like skinny jeans but you are loyal to you're frieends so you go along with it
You have your own opinion and don't go along the trend.
You think the trend is stupid so you stick with your style

If you could travel anywhere you would go to...

Somewhere hot like Africa
Somewhere cold where you could ski
New York City
Where ever you're friends are going

You have an extra $20. You spend it on...

A new book
The cool thing at your shcool
You put it away for later
You give it to you're mom for her birthday along with a hug!

At the mall you're friend hurts them selves by tripping over something. You...

Run over to them and make sure they are okay and if they hurt etc.
You hug them once they get up.
You ask if they are okay and give them a hug
You don't notice because you are talking to other people