What wolf are you? (1)

What wolf are you? (1)

ever wonder what wolf you are? I loooove wolves and wanted to make this quiz! enjoy!!

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you and the pack are being attacked by other wolves! what do you do?

you use your brain and come up with a good attack plan!
You lead an army straight into the fight!!!
protect the food piles!!!!
run away! I don't like fighting!!!!

what is your favorite subject in school?

Gym class
science class!
I hate school! :(
cooking yummm!

if you could be a wolf, which would you be?

White Wolf
Timber Wolf
Grey Wolf
Brown Wolf

how would you describe yourself?

Lazy, not really exciting
smart and active!
I just want to eat! but I guess im also pretty smart
Strong and brave

Where would you like to live as a wolf?

don't care
woods / mountains! I like both

Favorite season?

spring? fall? whatevs