whats your personality?

are you optimistic, shy, annoying, in love, too cool, loved, hated,? find out what people think of you!!!

published on May 21, 201158 responses 9 3.9★ / 5

you isntantly see an unfortunate-looking new girl...you...

think of ways to help her fit in?
feel bad for the poor girl but know you cant change a person.
are happy for how nice and friendly your friends are and pray you wont every lose them

when you look in the mirror..

you see someone that is very pretty and you instantly admire them
you see someone and you think of 100 ways they should change
you think of 100 ways why people should be jealous of you!

when you crack a joke people...

laugh histerically unlike you..
dont laugh unlike you who is rolling on the floor laughing
scared 2 laugh or do anything until you know its funny

who love to watch glee because..

you admire how courageous the characters are..
you love 2 listen to the singing
you love to laugh
you dont watch it because you think its dumb and pointless

your favorite animal is..

zebras...they look cool with stripes
elephant... they are soo cute! like me!
whales...we have to love them so much as long as we can...
i dont favor my animals!!

what is your favorite song?

jar of hearts
give me everything
i heart ?
loser like me
permanent december

what is your favorite movie?

my sisters keeper
step up
she's the man
toy story
the lizzie mcGuire movie
remember me
the scoial network

what is your favorite color?

navy blue