What Narnia (world) race are you

What Narnia (world) race are you

what Narnia race are you this time its back and its better with more questions and more style

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Do you like narnia

yes I live there
yes but i hate narnians
it is our ally yes
we want to take over it
i live there yes i love it
even tough i am small i love it
it is a great place to live
we have died for it and would do so again to defend it
it is the only thing i know
we live there we couldnt live any whare els
we moved there a bit ago we love it we couldnt amagine it any different
what where
yes its brilliant
no i hate it

how tall are you

very i am taller han anverage human
i am human
i am am a normal human size
I am slitely smaller on average than a normal human
same size as a human
about an average human size
about twice the size of a human
about a third /half of the size of a human
very very very very very big
same size of a tree
big big big big big big big big
can vary

are you nice to the enemy once captured

no we torture them to find out things.
no we kill them painfully
quite i'd say
yes depends who they are
yes very but may shout a bit
you must be gentle in theses maters
well yes depending how much stuff they have done
i will shout at them untill they give an answer but never torture
yes i am kind to people n matter who they are
nov we will eat them
i don't know
yes we are peacefull
yes but i am a bit big for questioning inside

do you care about foreign countries

yes but only narnia and its allies
no we need to take over
yes about every single one even our enemies their innocents might suffer
no we should rule them they could die for all i care
well yes i'm narnian
yes but not calormen
we must care it could destroy us
well yeah
yes but iffy on calormen
all nymphs do
yes i do
err not really
no i care about eating and rulling

what would you do if you and some others found some gold

share it although it depends who i am with
kill the others then thake the gold for my self
share it
share it but if it is a calourmen or a telmarine they die
knock them out them take the gold and torture them untill death
share it oviously
sharing it would be the right thing to do
share it among every one not just who found it
if there calormen ru off with it but other wise share it
err take it
take it stupid
share it proberly
shareit i think
i woul'nt want i would let them shar it out amoung them.

do you like calormens

well ish
no they are fat pigs
not really
i am one
no not paticulary
there alright ish
no but i must
i like everyone buit somtimes not there leaders
no i don't
not that much
no i want to eat them
no not really
who are they

what is your favourite colour

sliver red and orange
brown and red and green
red, green and goldi'd say
black brown and yellow
red and yellow
black and yellow
red, green, yellow and orange
changes a lot
black brown red orange green
brown and red
not sure
blood red

How hairy are you on a scale of 1 to ten human average being 5 ish

eer i don't know

on a scale of 0 to ten how long have you been in narnia (how long have you known about it)

since the beginig 10
10, 10, 10,
never 0
10 !!!!!!!!!!!
errr where 0