What merlin character are you

What merlin character are you

What merlin character are you out of the popular BBC TV series!!!!!!!!!

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What do you think of magic

love it i am one of the most powerful wizards
its banned its stupid
i hate it it is the worst thing in the world
don't mind it realy
it should be used to detroy camelot
camelot must be destroyed using it
don't care i think merlin is though but i don't know
its banned
i quite like it merlin has it
it should be used for good

how good are you with a sword

the best
very good
quite good
quite alright
not very good
i use magic
rubbish and old

for Camelot or against it

for ish i'm banished
very very for
very very very for
quite for
very for
don't know probely i'm banished
extreemly against
yeah i'm for it

do you like merlin

yeah i am merlin
no he an idiot
i hate him
my best friend
hes a good friend
he like a son to me
he my servant and my friend
he is trust worthy friend
he is a servant but arthur trusts him
he is only a servant

do you like morgarna

heard she was bad
she is the kings ward
she is my sister
she is like a daughter too me
i hate she is an evil witch
i am her servant but there is somthing different about her reasently
no she is missusing magic
don't know her
she's like my sister
i am morgarna

what should magic be used for

for good and to safe gard camelot and arthur
its banned
for good i guess
its banned but for good
to destroy camelot and gain power
for good
its banned it can not be used
don't know for good but isn't it banned
to gain power and destroy people who don't want it
it is banned and should remain that way all souceres are evil