The Style-O-Meter

The Style-O-Meter

Find out how stylish ur outfits r and if u flunk I can give u done tips! Hope u enjoy it!

published on June 26, 201342 responses 10 4.0★ / 5

Do u ever accidentally wear holiday colors on a day that's no where near a holiday?

Ya I don't see why not like really u people r
SO stereotypical if that's the right word I can
wear holiday colors any time I want!... Rant
rant rant...
Only on weekends when nobody's around or
when I'm in a huge hurry
Never no matter what I say NEVER

Do u think its wierd to wear combat boots within jeans and a tee?

Nah who cares?

Is ur style original? Like, do u ever spice it up with a bit of jewelry or crafty kewl shoes?

Yup! I think so
Never its just WIERD

Wich outfit would u wear to school?

Long flowy skirt with a cute tucked in
spaghetti strap and a ring or necklace
Jeans and a random tee with a cute but
simple necklace
Blue legging and a plain yellow tee shirt

What sort of jewelry do u usually wear???

Pretty necklaces
Kewl rings
A bunch of blingy stuff

When u wear hair accesories are they...

Hair clips

Do u like picking out outfits?

Can I get a DUH?!
It's okay
Plain n simply NO it's boring

How long do u want ur hair

Butt length