Which South Park Character are you?

This quiz will tell you which South Park character you are most like. Are you Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, Butters, or Stan?

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What religion are you?

Im a J-O-O.
Im too poor for religion.
Im Buddhist.
Im Catholic.
Im Christian.

Whats your favorie food?

Campell Soup
Kentucy Fried Chicken

What color is your hat or hair?

I have a blue hat.
I have a green hat.
Blonde hair.
I have an orange hoody.
I have a terqoise hat.

What position are you out of your friends?

The leader.
The Michour one.
The Nervous, Shy one.
The Mysterious one.
None of the above.

Are you smart?

I dont know.
**** you it doesn't matter.