What random thing are you?

What random thing are you?

The things are Unicorn, puppy, cow, and mouse. Have fun taking this quiz!

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One of your friends is having a bad day. What do you do?

Grab her, tell her to snap out of it and have fun!
Ask her what's wrong and offer to do something for her
Nothing. You just watch her and feel bad for her
Wave her over and ask to play a game of soccer

You are allowed to do whatever you want this weekend. What do you do?

Have a fashion party and invite all my friends!
Go to the mall with a few friends
Read and call my best friend
Go to the soccer field and invite all the kids on the block for a game

What do you do after school?

Call all my friends
Do homework, read, maybe play around.
Read in my room.
Sleep or draw.

Where do you sit at lunch?

At the center of attention
In the middle, where everybody else is
In a corner
With my friends

How many friends do you have?

Oh tons! 20 or over!
10, 11, the usual.
5 or 6

You are just got a cake mix. What do you do?

Make the cake, then decorate it to look like my favorite shirt!
Copy what is on the box
Write quotes from my favorite books on it
Draw cute stuff on it! And make it tasty!