Which character are you? (2)

Which character are you? (2)

In my story, I have many characters. Find out which one you most closely resemble.

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Do you believe in duty and honor?

Duty and honor is everything
I would say I consider myself an honorable person.
Honor isn't that important
I couldn't care less about honor

Are you good at manipulating people?

Yes; I can make anyone do what I want.
I can occasionally be manipulative
I rarely manipulate people
I can't manipulate people at all

Are you very passionate about things?

Yeah, sometimes a little too much
Not usually
I have about as much passion as a dead slug

Would you consider yourself an optimist or a pessimist?

Definitely an optimist
I'm fairly optimistic
I'm probably a little pessimistic
Most people call me a pessimist, but I'm just being realistic

Are you easily angered?

Yes, I've been told I have anger issues
Yeah, sometimes
Not really
Nope, I'm really calm

Would you consider yourself extroverted or introverted?

Definitely extroverted
Probably extroverted
Probably introverted
Definitely introverted

How loyal are you to your family?

Incredibly loyal. I would do anything for my family.
Pretty loyal
Eh, not that loyal
I couldn't care less about my family

Do you consider yourself an outcast?

A little bit
Not really
Not at all

Do you consider yourself intelligent?

Yes, very
I'm pretty smart
Eh, I'm about average
Honestly, I'm pretty dumb

Do you seek power over others?

Yes, I must always be the most powerful
I do like power...
No, not typically
No, I try to avoid power altogether

Are you proud?

Yeah, to some extent
Not particularly
Not at all

How important is wealth?

Wealth is everything
Wealth is pretty important
Wealth isn't that important
Wealth is nothing (all you need is love)

How attractive do you think you are?

Extremely attractive
Moderately attractive
Not that attractive
I'm totally hideous

How willing are you to help others?

I go out of my way to help others
I generally try to help others
I've occasionally helped people, but I typically don't
I never help people

Have you ever been called bitter?

Constantly. I'm pretty bitter about that.
Yeah, a couple times
Yeah, but I'm pretty sure they only said that because they were bitter
Nope, I'm a pretty cheerful person

Do you have a sense of humor?

I think I'm hysterical
I can be funny when I want to be
I'm not funny, but I have a sense of humor
I don't appreciate humor

Have you ever been called innocent or naive?

Yes, alll the time
Yes, a few times
Only once or twice.
No, never.

Do you consider yourself flirtatious or charming?

Yes, very ;)
I have a certain amount of charm
No, not really
I have about as much charm as a dead slug

Do you consider yourself stubborn?

Incredibly stubborn
I'm somewhat stubborn
I'm not too stubborn
I pretty much just listen to what others say and do what I"m told

Do you put others before yourself?

Yes, always
I generally put others before myself
I typically put myself first
I always put myself first

Do you seek revenge?

Constantly and on multiple people.
Yes, sometimes

Have you ever been called sweet?

All the time
Only by those who really know me
Not that I can recall...
Ha! Maybe if they were being sarcastic!