What Type of Cookie Are You?

What Type of Cookie Are You?

Ever wondered what type of cookie you would be? Probably not! But, if ur interested in this, or think i'm funny, follow me, because i'll be making all sorts of fun, and creative quizzes!

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Which of the activities below would you rather do in your free time?

Helping people
Doing art
Writing in your journal

What is your absolute favorite color?

I couldn't choose just one!

You are outside at recess and there's lots to do but you decide to...

Teach a friend a new game
Play hide and go seek and freeze tag with your friends
Draw with chalk on the blacktop

It's 5:30, and your parents ask you what you want for dinner. You say...

Fish, salad, and bread
Mac and cheese, delish!
Ravioli, not too fancy tonight.

You are getting ice cream at Whitey's, you don't really know which to choose but just decide on...

butter pecan, carmel syrup
marshmallow cream, chocolate syrup
brownie chunks, hot fudge