What kind of person are you most compatible with?

Find out what kind of Guys or Girls you are most compatible with and what to look for in guy that's just for you.

published on June 25, 2013208 responses 32
What kind of person are you most compatible with?
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How do you know when you love Him or Her?

When He or She make me feel intimidated and surprised.
When I look into His or Hers eyes I will know if I love Him or Her.
When everything comes so easy and natural. When I am comfortable with Him or Her.
When this person is all I can think about and all I wanna do is find more ways to love this person.

When you are on a date, what would you say to woe your date?

Something every Guy or Girl doesn't say to prove that i'm not like any other Guy or Girl.
Something simple to make Him or Her smile.
Something interesting to keep Him or Her guessing about me.
Something I know Him or Her wants to hear, to make Him or Her feel special.

What is your way of showing your special someone that you love Him or Her?

By giving my special someone a promise ring.
Surprise Him or Her with a special date somewhere interesting.
A nice romantic slow evening. A nice cooked meal and flowers to top it off.
Something creative and never done before, to show Him or Her how much effort I put into them.

After how many dates do you think is an appropriate time to make a move on Him or Her?

Maybe after a few dates, I know wanna know this person better.
After the first date, I want this person know that I am interested in Him or Her.
I will let Him or Her decide when the time is right.
I would just surprise her with a kiss when the mood is set. I don't want Him or Her to know when the moment is coming.

What is your favorite feature in a Boy or Girl?