Are you hot? (2)

Are you hot? (2)

U might have seen the girl version of this, now lets fond out if you boys are hot!

published on June 25, 201350 responses 12 5.0★ / 5

What is your haircut?

Justin Bieber cut
Short hair
buz cut
Wiry curly hair

Describe your eyes.

Almond shaped eyes in brown or blue
Round eyes or almond shaped with long
lashes and black or brown eyes
Round eyes in brown
Squinty eyes in green or brown

Describe your body type

Real muscles, ya know?
Slender, but I'm still with muscles

How many girlfriends have u had?

Two and up
I dont want a girlfriend

Did you enjoy this q uiz?

It was totally BOSS!
It was quite pleasent
It was fine
Didnt like it