Are you hot? (1)

Are you hot? (1)

Are you sexy, pretty, normal, or ugly? Let's find out! This quiz is to be taken by girls, but I'll make a boy version!

published on June 24, 2013164 responses 32 5.0★ / 5

What's ur skin like?

Smooth and tan
A tad bit pale
A few pimples, medium tan
Lots of acne, pale

Describe your hands and fingernails

Slender hands, long nails
Slender fingers, short and sweet nails
Normal fingers, uneven nails
Knobbly fingers, too short fingernails

What is your hair length?

Shoulder length
Shoulder length bob or short
Closly cropped

How long ago has it been since you bathed?

Two days ago
More than three days ago

Describe your body type.

Slim and a bit of a curve
Average, a tad bit chubby.