The Aptitude Test (Divergent)

The Aptitude Test (Divergent)

which faction would you most fit in? take this quiz and find out. you may be Dauntless, Abnegation, Amity, Erudite, Candor or even Divergent!

published on June 24, 20132176 responses 394
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You open your eyes and you are sitting in a room. in front of you are 5 objects. you can only pick one. what do you pick?

The knife
The quill
The paper
The cheese
The book
Refuse to pick anything up

You picked an object of your choice. The other objects vanish. A faceless man appears in the doorway. He runs forward to attack. what do you do?

drop whatever I'm holding (if anything) and curl up in a ball. It's all just a simulation...
Quick... use the book, maybe it'll have the answers!
uh... offer him the cheese?
must... forget myself...
Nothing to fear. I am stronger. I can battle them off. Pttf... ATTACK WITH THE KNIFE!!!!

The simulation changes. Now you're on top of a very high roof. A man gestures you to jump off. He says there's nothing to worry about, that there's a net at the bottom. What do you do?

Jump... Who cares if I die!!! It's fun!
Do what he tells me to do. There's not much choice and I mustn't listen to my own opinions.
Logically, a net would probably snap, or I might miss it. No. I should have researched this... maybe there's a different way around this
No violence needed. Maybe there's some other way around somewhere.
Tell him I'm scared. It's the truth.
Jump. It's a simulation for god's sake... It won't harm me.

The simulation changes again. You're in an ocean this time, trying to keep afloat. There's one ship in the distance. What do you do?

Swim towards the ship... I am an ace at swimming, and I better try anyway.
Sink. Sink. Sink. The water burns my lungs... it'll be over soon.
Be honest with myself. Am I too lazy to swim or can I make it?
What was that book I read about swimming... I'll be able to make it to the ship.
Never done any sort of sport. My knees and arms are too weak. I sink.
Scream as loud as i can to get the attention of the ship!

Even if you sank, you still managed to get onto the ship. It is full of pirates. They grab you and tie you up. The commander leaves you with a guard. How do you convince him to let you go?

"Hey, I know where treasure is. If you let me go, I'll tell you."
"Hey, you... Pea brain... Over here. Let me go or when i escape i'll cut your throat open."
Make up a clever strategy of how to convince them, without fighting or insult or blackmail.
"Please let me go. I'm scared. What are you gonna do to me?"
"please, I mean you no harm. If you let me go I'll serve for the ship"
don't convince them. They probably have a reason to keep me here.

They aren't convinced by you, so they decide to walk you down the plank. You're almost at the edge now. You're blindfolded. What do you do?

Tell them the truth. That I am terrified and I want to go home.
...If I grab the plank before I fall, i'll be able to stay aboard. Then I could wrap my legs around the Wooden structure behind me and sit there unnoticed until we hit the land
I'm unwanted. I'm unvain. I shall face my death.
Pull of the blind fold and jump into the sea. I can swim. I can swim.
Grab the sword and fight those cowards... How dare they pick on me! No need to take of the blind fold.
Try and peace with them. Maybe they will let me go.

The simulation changes. You're facing your crush/lover and s/he walks towards you. S/he wraps her/his hands around you in a luring way. What do you do?

Bring it on! Kiss Kiss Kiss them...
Stand there, paralyzed. Must not think about myself.
Sigh. Give into it.
To be truthful, I want it. Not gonna lie. LET ME KISS YOU!
remain calm...
Just another luring simulation. Push them away. They're not even real!

The situation changes, no matter your choice, you push her/him away. The crush/lover begins to argue with you. S/he says: "How dare you deny me! I thought you loved me?" what do you say?

"I do but you're just... A terrible kisser"
"I don't think this is right."
"I do not love you, you are nothing to me."
"I do want you, but this doesn't feel so right."
"I'm not allowed to think of any other reason..."
"It's okay. Just don't hurt me, please..."

is this already boring you? this test?

A bit... But I can't wait to see what lies ahead!!!
Truthfully, Yes, a bit.
I can't answer. I will go through it cause I have to.
No, not at all!
This is interesting... I'm so curious to what lies ahead!
It's okay, but I think I am beginning to yawn a little.

Opinion on Dauntless?

I partially fit in this faction.
High five! We get along well!
They're alright, very enthusiastic and brave, and very upbeat!
They risk too much, and all those silly piercings... urh... and tattoo's... what's the point of showing off so much?
They are stupid. Risking just to look brave... It's like, what's the point in that?
WE'RE FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! So brave and so risky, I love their life... I feel like I'm already one of them!

Opinion on Abnegation?

Very right way of lifestyle. No wonder they're the government. It matters to be selfless and not greedy to lead prosperity!
Selflessness is helpful to be brave, and it prevents you from lying, and brings peace. Shame there's no knowledge.
Those silly Stiffs? I cannot tell the difference between the individuals.
They bring peace. Peace is important.
Truth is good within a faction, but it's a little unfair that they get the whole government.
Those stupid Stiffs. They should all die. Taking up all the wealth for those Factionless, leaving other Factions with less food... Gosh, I hate them.

Opinion on Amity?

Peaceful people. A little too open, though.
We tend to bring peace around, we love everyone... oh... silly me, speaking like I'm already one of them...
They are peaceful and happy. The colors are a little untruthful, though.
I don't really know. They're nice, but boring.
Peace is good. It brings selflessness and also truth.
Stepping up for the Stiffs, now are they? I'll show them!!

Opinion on Candor?

Honest and kind. Honesty is always important for peace.
Honesty can get boring, no wonder they don't jump off roofs.
Honesty and knowledge. I don't think I see much resemblance... oh well... Truth is a good thing.
Truth. Oh... I can fit in so well...
Truth is important, lying is self indulgent!

Opinion on Erudite?

It's bad that they bully Abnegation. But knowledge is a good thing if used right...
Clever but a little too harsh.
Nah... Not practical at all... Books? We jump off trains!
Knowledge can be dangerous if put into the wrong hands!
Knowledge is self indulgent. It individuals people. I prefer to fit in unnoticed.

Opinion on Divergence!

Divergent, or not, we welcome you to our Faction!
Too complicated personalities. I won't be able to accept a Divergent, unless they were from my family.
I... erm... I think I might be one...
Strip bare and hanged... Simulations are very important and no one should be able to over come them.
Not accepted. There can be problems with them telling the truth.

What is your home Faction?

I never felt at home in my faction... I contained some of those qualities but not all of them.