Could you be a dragon rider?

Could you be a dragon rider?

If you want to know if you could a dragon rider. Well take this Quiz to know!

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1) What would you do if someone was attacked?

I would fight the attackers.
Call for help.
I don't care.
Woo-ho! let's beat this guy up!

2)What would you do if a wild dragon walked up to you?

I need to hide!!!
I would keep calm and back off...
Fight it!

3)Would you ride a dragon if you could?

No Way!
If someone was with me.

4) Are you good at using swords?

Not really.
Who cares
I'm O k
I'm the bast !
i'm bad
I'm good with a sword...

5)Would you use the power of dragon?

most of the time

6)If there was a dragon on the ground hurt what would you do?

help it.
run away in fear!
go home...
help it then tame it
Call for help
kill it.

7)Would you put gear on your dragon?(Like a saddle)

only a little gear
Only put gear on, that the dragon needs
put gear on that makes the dragon look cool!

8)Do you like Dragons?

not sure

Are you OK with heights?

I'm Ok with it
I hunt it
I love it