The Mentalist personality quiz

The Mentalist personality quiz

This quiz will tell you which character on the TV show "The Mentalist" you are most like.

published on June 23, 201337 responses 20 4.2★ / 5

How would you describe yourself?

Natural leader

How do you act in serious situations?

Keep calm and act cool
Try to get everyone to help
It's not a serious situation! You just tricked
everyone so that you could get the truth out!
Worry and make sure that everyone is safe
Make sure that your colleagues are okay

Which color?

Cool blue
Energetic yellow
Bold purple
Lucky green
Responsible red

Which character do you want to be?

Patrick Jane
Teresa Lisbon
Grace VanPelt
Wayne Rigsby
Kimball Cho

Which character are you in love with?

Patrick Jane
Teresa Lisbon
Grace VanPelt
Wayne Rigsby
Kimball Cho

What is most important to you in life?

Protecting who you care about
The job
Keeping your cool

Which of these characters do you like best?

Charlotte Jane (Patrick's dead daughter)
Tommy Lisbon (Teresa's brother)
Benjamin Rigsby (Wayne's son)
Craig O'Laughlin (Grace's dead fiancé)

Last Question : If the person you loved was in a life or death situation, what would you do?

Quickly think of a plan to get you both out
Go help them, even if you are risking your
own life.
Panic. You can't think of any way to help
them, but you can't let them die.
Go get help. You know that you alone can't
save them.
You are too late. Thy are gone. You are an
emotional wreck on the inside, but no one can
know that. You just keep your cool, then go
home and cry your eyes out.

Real Last Question : Do you think you will get the character you want?

Yes! Totally! I am soooo Jane!!
Well, maybe, I don't know...
I don't care.
I guess...