Are You a Warrior Cat Leader?

Are You a Warrior Cat Leader?

Find out if you can be a Warrior Cat Clan leader! Just answer a few questions to find out!

published on June 22, 201338 responses 9
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Are you ambitious?

Not really.
Kind of...

Are you power-hungry?

No, I don't care about being leader or deputy or anything else.
I guess not. Sometimes I feel like it, but not really.
Yeah, sometimes.
Yes. I want power. I want to be leader or deputy.

Can you hunt well?

I don't know.
Not really.
I just need to improve a little.
Sure, I guess.
Yes! I'm the best hunter in the Clan!

Can you fight well?

No, I'm more poorly at fighting than a rat with a broken leg.
Not really.
Eh, kind of, I guess.
Yeah, I guess so.
Yes! I'm the best fighter in the Clan!
Yes! I'm so good at fighting I'm going to become like Tigerclaw and become deputy then kill my leader so I can have the power!

Are you scary?

No. I don't scare anyone.
Eh. Sometimes I am but around other clans.
Around kits, sure.
Yeah. Everyone thinks I'm scary just because of battle scars.
Yes. I'm so frightening and mean, and I love to be frightening!

Are you kind to others, and/or do you put yourself before others?

No. I'm not kind. I'm the meanest in the Clan! Its so funny to scare the kits and always win arguments. And I don't care about others. It's always about me.
Well, I might be a little mean though I don't really mean to be. And honestly, I would protect myself before others.
No, I actually think I'm pretty kind. My mate and my friends and littermates say it all the time, and I think I would actually put myself before others.
Yes. I'm the nicest in the Clan. Everyone says it, even my grumpy old leader. And of course I would put myself before others.

Do you like herbs?

No. I don't give a tail about herbs.
Eh. Not really.
Yeah, they're pretty interesting.
Yes, I love herbs!

If you and your Clan were stranded on an island, and all there was to eat was a single, scrawny mouse, would you feed it to your clan or yourself?

Pfft, myself.
Probably myself.
Probably my Clanmates.
My Clanmates.

Do you take duties seriously?

No, I don't care.
Not really. If we're out hunting I'll just chase leaves around and pretend they're prey.
Yeah, I think they're important.
Of course.

Last Question: Do you think you would make a good leader?

No. I think I would make a horrible leader.
Eh. I dunno. I don't think so.
I guess so.
I'm pretty confident I can be a great leader.