What is your personality? (15)

What is your personality? (15)

You might think you are sunshine. You Might think you are dark. I will figure that out For you!

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What would you do if there was a hobo on the road?

Tease it
Ignore it
Stick the middle finger up at it
Pray for it to get a home.

Would you be jealous if there was a new member in the family!

I don't care about it

If the boy/girl you like come up to you and
Ask you out, what would you do?

Jump up and down screaming
Say yes
He/she wouldn't ask me out
Say no

Hey you're my best friend!

You are mines too!
You're my best enemy!
Hey besties
What's up?

What is your favorite color?

Bright colors
Dark colors
Lol I don't know anything
Not here