Personality quiz two

Personality quiz two

Sorry for the first one, I was just tired so I'm making a new one with more questions and more personalities.

published on June 21, 201321 responses 1
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what do you like the best below?

large neon glasses
ruler stick (for bossing)
Mustache donuts!
Funny jokes.

what pets do you like?

rot wiler
fish please!
CaN i HaVe A pUpPy?

What do you do at a friend's house?

Play school while I'm the teacher!
Help them study
play sports/ dance
goof off
grab an animal and pretend it talks!

What do you do in school?

Pass notes
listen carefully
make sure everyone is doing the right thing
giggle through out class
laugh about everything getting in trouble

If someone hurts you, what do you do?

fight back
make them smile and tell their parents later
Tell them "Stop right now or eles,"
make them laugh til' they're ROTFL then kick them
try to make them calm down and see why he's like that

Why do animals eat?

to grow mustaches
so it can come out the other end
So it has enough energy to do what I tell them to do
to play with me
So it can live!

Do you do chores

Not even if my mom told me (or gardian/ parent)
I'd do it if I got to stay up later to study and try out new neon colored glasses
If I could play around with mah kittay!
If I could study, that is my jokes :D
No! "I" should be bossing my mom around not her bossing me!